January Adore Box

                                                     *Press sample/Provided for review

           Hey guys!!! So, I don’t know if you have noticed but I have been trying to branch out a little bit. I want to offer more than nail polish alone; although that will still be most of what I post. At 32, I have finally found a love for makeup and beauty products. I was so stoked when I saw that Adore Box was looking for brand ambassadors! It is the PERFECT opportunity to test out little bits of product to see what I really like and what works best! All while being able to review and share the products with you! Let’s get into this months box 🙂

          How it works: With a monthly beauty & lifestyle box subscription, you will receive a box of 4-10 carefully hand selected items. These items may include: Makeup, Hair Care, Skin Care, Jewelry, Edibles (We are talking chocolate here…), Accessories, and/or Housewares. These items may be sample, full size or a combination of both.

We ship all boxes ship by the 25th!


          That was straight from their site. How awesome does that sound?!?! They are super customizable as well. There are 3 box options: 2 times monthly ($25.00-$264.00); monthly ($15.00-$144.00); or quarterly [(every 3 months) $39.99-$235.00]. Once you choose how often you want it, you choose your shirt size (Small-3XL). In case they send any type of clothing, it helps to have that set already instead of having to get info all the time. The last step is deciding how to pay. You can pay month to month, 3 month prepay, 6 month prepay, and 12 month prepay. This determines the final cost of the box.Sounds like a lot but the site has it set up so a child could do it. It’s just that simple! Now that we got all covered, let’s see what I got in my January Adore Box!
          I want to start with the eye shadow. It is from Mary-Kate and Ashley. No… not those ones lol. I thought the same thing but they are just a cosmetics company. Anyways, this is a metallic shadow stick. The color I got is a very icy looking light purple. It does not have a name or number but it is awesome!! I used this on my lids a few days ago and I had no creasing in my lid at all after 5 hours. And it stayed just as frosty looking. The formula was nice. It glided on so smoothly! Great product that will get tons of use from me.

Next, we have a hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works. It work fast and smells so citrusy. My family has been buying these for a while. I feel like it leaves your hands more moisturized than the usual sanitizer. AND THE SMELL 🙂 Love it!

           The featured item in this months box is a Stila Cosmetics full size lip liner. I really loved the color I got. It matches my style perfectly. Again though, this didn’t have a name. Just a number. This was my first ever time trying anything from Stila and I can definitely say they now have a new customer. It is a pencil but it goes on easy and smooth. I am a coffee addict and the liner lasted for most of the day without any issues and no need to reapply. Good stuff right here.

           After trying all this stuff, along with my own makeup, I had to wash it all off. First I used the makeup remover wipe from Body Prescriptions. It removed mostly everything with ease. If you don’t know already, I deal with a skin picking disorder so my make up is always FULL coverage. I was wearing a water proof eyeliner that proved a little tough to get but after the wipe took off the rest of my makeup I was happy. It even had a nice smell and wasn’t soaking wet. Definitely a must have for your purse!

          Next step in my process was to wash my face and get any left over dirt or makeup. I used my sample of md formulations. It is a facial cleaner that cleanses and exfoliates. I have very sensitive skin on my face from always picking so this stung a tiny bit. Not enough to not use it though. It washed my face well and left a smooth clean feeling behind. It didnt leave me tight feeling but I still added a moisturizer. Overall, it was really good stuff!

          I totally saved the best for last! My hair is so straight, fine, and soft that I really dont use much at all for it. I mean, it practically brushes itself lol. But seriously, it’s that low maintainance. Unfortunately, my 10 year old did not get so lucky. Her hair is awful! It is very thick, very course, and has a natural wave in it that looks like she always just unbraided her hair. Within 5 minutes of brushing her hair, she already has snarls. And what 10 year old wants to deal with that?? She hates it. We try everything on her hair but because she is 10 it is really limited by chemicals and whatnot. When I saw the Peter Coppola High Gloss Finishing Polish I was skeptical. I figured that because of the natural ingredients it would at least be safe to try. I immediately fell in love. It says it has a flexible hold but it is mostly an oil shine spray. I used less than 10 squirts throughout her hair and it changed everything. It made it softer and smoother instantly. It was easier to brush and not nearly as frizzy. It is now the holy grail product for my daughters hair!! I cannot recommend this product enough! First 2 pics are without the spray and the second 2 pics are with it.

5 minutes after brushing without hair spray

5 minutes after brushing without hair spray

5 minutes after brushing after using the hair spray

5 minutes after brushing after using the hair spray

            Make sure you check Adore Box out! The box I am subscribed to is the $15 a month box and I got my moneys worth 2 fold at least!! Not to mention the chance to try things I have never heard of before. I am super thankful to have come across they hair spray. The eye shadow is about tied for 1st for me 🙂 Next month features Laura Mercier so please stay tuned to see what comes in the February box!! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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