LevelUP Lacquer ~ Temporal Flux

                                                                             *Provided for review

          Hello people! How is your afternoon? Tuesday and Wednesday are the days off in this house so it’s then Ill be most quiet. Last night I painted my nails and I just felt I needed to share this amazing polish once again. Again?!?! Yep, I love this polish so much it needs its own post. You can see the original post HERE.

          Temporal Flux is a part of the Intergalactic Flakies Collection. They all share the same UCC flakies. Or Ultra Chrome Chameleon flakies. For this specific polish, the base is an off white creme with a holo sparkle. This polish will forever hold a spot in my top 5 polishes EVER!! For my swatch I used 2 thin perfect coats with top coat. 


          I tried to add some stamping but it was not as opaque as I had hoped. It ended up being too much. Oh well, here is my fail!



           I will leave a link below that will take you straight to this polish, but while you’re there give the whole store a quick look. Ashley makes amazing polish and has just quit her “big girl job” to make polish all day!!!! I hope you are as excited as I am for whats to come! Hope you have a great rest of the day ❤

          LevelUP Lacquer:: Store:: Instagram:: Facebook Business Page:: Facebook Fan Page:: Temporal Flux::

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