Creative Cuticles Nail Polish ~ Melons and Cucumbers

                                                                           *This post contains a press sample

          Hello! Late post tonight because it is a day off in our house and I had some cleaning to do. I did, however, manage to swatch this polish earlier. I received Melons and Cucumbers in a swap with my friend Heather. Same swap that gave me THIS beauty!! This polish also has a scented twin but mine is not that one. It does not diminish my love for this gorgeous creme polish at all. This had been a long time lemming and now it is finally mine.

          Melons and Cucumbers is a very pale, yet bright, soft minty green. The formula was a little less smooth than Kayla’s usual. I think it had to do with the fact that it was used. Also because these lighter colors are always so bitchy. I used 3 coats for this swatch with top coat.

          I remembered this glitter I was sent last year from Joy Lacquer. It was from her Kinder Queen Collection. Any guesses???? It’s Crocodile Tears and it is such a perfect match with Melons and Cucumbers as a base. I used one coat of Crocodile Tears over M&C and again, sealed it with top coat.

 I will post shop links below, but I am not sure that either of these are available. Please don’t let that stop you from checking both of these ladies out though. They both offer super quality products!! Hope you have a wonderful night and I will see you tomorrow!! Thanks for stopping by!
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Joy Lacquer:: Shop:: Instagram:: Facebook::

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