Creative Cuticles Nail Polish ~ Nothing Good

                                                                                 *I bought this

          Happy Friday peeps! How was black Friday shopping for you? I hope you got amazing deals. Like I said in my last post, I only got to buy 1 thing. Well, 2 really. Then it ended up being 4! I bought a polish and a charm and I got 2 polishes and 2 charms. My Dallas Cowboy star came with a little football so I am super happy about that. 11-1!!!!! Then I got BF16 free with my purchase of Nothing Good. If you keep reading, I may have something for 1 lucky person…

          So, Nothing Good is the polish I chose because I need all the Cowboy blue colored polishes!! It matches the charm perfectly too! Nothing Good is part of the After Midnight trio. It is a deep blue jelly with dark purple ultra micro glitter and holo. For me it was very hard to capture the purple glitters. The dark jelly over powers them a little and just makes them look blue. Either way a gorgeous mix. I used 2 coats and was completely satisfied with coverage. In the pics there is a slight visible nail line. I couldnt tell in real life. You could make it fully opaque with 3 coats but I dont really think its necessary. To the pics!

2 coats of Nothing Good with top coat

Nothing Good with flash

Nothing Good macro
Nothing Good with art!

I added that last picture because there was a comment in the CCNP facebook group that someone had some polish staining. The polish was Melissa not NG!. Now, I am in NO WAY trying to call this person out or call her a liar. Everyone has a different body chemistry and some things work differently on some people than others. This is just MY experience. I had this polish on for about an hour with taking pics and doing art. I use 1 coat of Yellow Stopper as a peel off base coat for swatching. After peeling pieces of the polish off, there was not any staining at all. I only wanted to bring this up because Kayla is the most diligent indie polish maker I have dealt with. Her testing is always super extensive. Feel free to ask her any details. She is always super sweet and attentive. Now, about that thing. I have a brand new bottle of BF16 that I would love to give to a deserving person who missed out on this limited edition polish. Please leave me a comment below and let me know if you were not able to get BF16 and why you think you deserve it. Please dont comment if you do have it. I want to send this to someone who will never have the chance at this polish. You have 1 week. I will pick a winner next Friday/Saturday. As always links are below! Have a great weekend!
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