Creative Cuticles Nail Polish ~ BF16

                                                                                   *I won this.

          FRIDAY!!! You have exactly 1 week until Black Friday! I have plans to buy 2 things. First thing is a new laptop! Seriously, this tiny Acer sucks! The second is a new polish from CCNP. I have a good idea on which one but you know how it is… Kayla has some serious awesomeness for Black Friday. Get 50% off of any purchase when you buy 2 or more items using the code: CCNPBF16!! Charms and polish are included in this sale. Also get a full sized bottle of todays featured polish for free!!! Please check HERE for the list of polishes available on Black Friday. Are you ready to see your freebie?!?!

          I was super excited to win the chance to swatch a polish that can never be bought. I mean, how neat right?! As far as indie polish that I have bought myself, CCNP is my most owned. Its really only like 10 lol but 1 income yada yada. Either way CCNP is my indie weakness. Not to mention the amazing sales Kayla always has. Ok ok, I have talked enough! Get ready for some serious pic spam 🙂

          BF16 starts with a purple shimmer base. Add some micro holo glitters and micro charcoal flakies and BAM! Perfection in a bottle. While searching for a base color for this polish I fell in love with so many colors so you will see them all. They are all solid creme polishes because I dont want any shimmer or holo from my base to interfere with the topper. Every swatch is 1 coat of BF16 over the base color with top coat. Formula is amazing! Drum roll please……………………………………


Base color: INM Granite

Base color: INM Granite


Darker colors

Base color: SinfulColors Black On Black

Base color: INM Sage

Base color: SinfulColors Mesmerize

Base color: L.A. Colors Fierce
Lighter colors

Base color: SinfulColors Snow Me White

Base color: INM Cherry Blossom

Base color: SinfulColors Summer S-cool

Base color: INM Bananigans

          So do you love it?!?! Dont forget, THIS POLISH CANNOT BE PURCHASED!! I will have the links below to Kayla’s shop and social media so you dont miss your 1 chance to get this baby! Have a great Friday everyone!!

          Creative Cuticles Nail Polish:: Shop:: Instagram:: Facebook:: 


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