LevelUP Lacquer ~ A Villainous Christmas Collection

                                                                            *Provided for review

          Hi friends. Depending on a lot of factors, today is either great for you, or not… Lets take a break from political talk to take a look at some gorgeous holiday polish! LevelUP Lacquer has a 5 piece collection available now! It’s called A Villainous Christmas and its wonderful. Glitter, jelly, crelly, and even a thermal. Lets check them out!

          First up we have Mr.Grinch. This is a glitter polish that can be used on top of other colors or alone. It has bright and dark green glitters and a holo sparkle that just brings it all together. I used 1 coat over SinfulColors Exotic Green with top coat. I also sponged on 3 coats alone with top coat. Great formula for the amount of glitter.

Mr.Grinch over SinfulColors Exotic Green

Mr.Grinch sponged on alone

Mr.Grinch over SinfulColors Exotic Green macro

Mr.Grinch macro

          Sandy Claws is a bright red jelly polish with white and iridescent glitters. I really really like this one. The formula was flawless. It is very opaque for a jelly so 2 thicker coats would work. For my swatch I used 3 thin coats with top coat.

Sandy Claws

Sandy Claws macro

          Bah-Humbug is the epitome of a Christmas polish. It is a white crelly polish with red and green glitters and micro silver holo shreds. To me this is Christmas in a bottle. I used 3 thin perfect coats with top coat.


Bah-Humbug macro

          Krampus is another Christmas in a bottle polish. This one has red, green ,silver, and gold glitters in a black jelly base. This is such an elegant holiday polish. Totally adult friendly while still blinging and represeting Christmas. 2 thicker coats would work for this one as well but I used 3 thin coats with top coat.


Krampus macro

          Last up is Bumble. This is the thermal of the group. This one has blue and white glitters so it will be able to be used year round. The base is a really pale blue, almost white when warm and a medium blue when cold. The glitter mix in this is so perfect and beautiful in either warm or cold state. I used 3 thin smooth coats plus top coat.

Bumble. Warm state

Bumble. Cool state. Video with better cold state will be on my IG

Bumble macro. Cold state

Bumble macro. Transition

Bumble macro. Warm state

           I absolutely love this collection. There is something for everyone. I am super excited for Christmas this year. Not even sure why lol. I will leave the links below as always. Make sure you follow Ash on all of her social media and me on mine. We have more swatches and good stuff. Have a good evening peeps!

          LevelUP Lacquer:: Shop:: Instagram:: Facebook:: Twitter::

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