Dam Nail Polish ~ Holo World Collection

                                                                                          *Provided for a blogger discount*
                                                                                          *Picture heavy*

          Hello! Been a while huh? I have had bad luck after bad luck… Nothing horrible but at the very least I need a new laptop and a new tripod. As a result, my video making has been on hold. Even my blogging has slowed down. I am using a tiny wannabe laptop that still uses Windows XP! Let’s hope I get out a good post. Lets get started! The Holo World Collection is made up of 6 ultra holo polishes. They all have the same wonderful formula and they dry pretty fast. Since I have a lot of pics for these, I will get the deets out now. For each polish I used 3 thin coats without topcoat. For any art pics I did use top coat but not for plain or flash swatches. The formula covered evenly and was super easy to work with. Angie makes great polish! Ready for the pics? Here goes!!

          “ The Holo World collection are first holographic set and all the polish names are puns on the world “holo”. Since it’s my first collection, I named it Holo World which is a play on “Hello World” which is the first program anyone who has ever taken a programming class will write. The program literally does nothing but display “Hello World”. Yes, I’m a nerd. (surprise!)” -Angie

           GURRL Can I Holo? [Can I Holla? – Reference to a skit on Dave Chappelle]

with flash


          Holo Can You Gold? [How Low Can You Go? – Song by Ludacris]

with flash

           Sleepy Holo [Sleepy Hollow – American Drama Series on FOX]

with flash

 Holo Kitty [Hello Kitty – Fictional Character Created by Sanrio]

with flash

 You Had Me @ Holo [You Had Me At Hello – Jerry Maguire Movie]

with flash

 Holo, It’s me. [Hello, It’s Me – Song by Adele]

with flash

So what do we think? I love them. Great formula and a strong holo makes me weak in the knees. I will say that the red holo, Holo It’s Me, is definitely more magenta than red. I am ok with that but if you really want a true red holo, this is not it. I can’t wait to play with these even more! I hope you enjoyed these beauties!! Have a wonderful day everyone! Links below.
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