LevelUP Lacquer ~ Overwatch Colors

                                                                          *Provided for review

          Hello! How many of you are game players?? My husband LOVES his games but I don’t know too much. I know Mario, Mario Kart, and Mario Party! Oh, and I love Just Dance LOL! I seriously lack the coordination to play certain games (I’ve tried)… So when I saw these were based on Overwatch characters I knew I had to do my research! Luckily Ashley, being the awesome lady she is, sent me pics and info on each one!

          First up is Die Die Die. This polish is based on Reaper who is the rouge type, shotgun wielding, madman!

Die Die Die is a dark grey crème polish with black, red, and silver glitters. I used 2 perfect coats with top coat and I also matted it!
2 coats of Die Die Die with top coat

2 coats of Die Die Die with matte top coat

macro of Die Die Die

matte macro of Die Die Die
Widowmaker Here is based on Widowmaker who is the inconveniently gorgeous French sniper.
I used 3 thin coats of Widowmaker Here with topcoat. This is so much more complex than it looks. At first glance its a grapey purple with red glitters. Up close you can see the pink glitters and flashes of blue. OMG!! This polish would be fine with 2 thicker coats, but you now me… 🙂
3 thin COLOR ACCURATE coats of Widowmaker Here with top coat

NON COLOR ACCURATE macro of Widowmaker Here
Mercy On Call is based on the healer Mercy.
This polish is my favorite of the bunch. Mercy On Call is an off white crème polish with holo shreds, ultra fine gold glitter, and iridescent glitters. So eye catching for such a neutral color. I used 3 thin coats, but again 2 would be perfectly fine.
3 thin coats of Mercy On Call with top coat

macro of Mercy On Call
Lastly is Cheers Love! This one is based on Tracer. Tracer is the spunky british instigator who laughs while she shoot you in the head.
Cheers Love is a glitter topper in a clear base so for undies I used a polish to match the blue glowy thing on her chest. I used a glow in the dark polish from Claire’s. Don’t even get me started on that!!! There will be no glow pics sadly. Either way the jelly polish was the perfect color match!! One coat of Cheers Love over Claire’s Neon Twilight.
1 coat of Cheers Love over Neon Twilight with top coat

macro of Cheers Love
I really loved these colors. Ash is always making such unique polish. These will be available to purchase on July 20th. We also may or may not have something in store for you soon!! Stay tuned 🙂 Links below!
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