Nail Nation 3000

          Hello!! How are we all doing today? I have a super quick post this evening. I recently won a polish in an Easter egg hunt type giveaway on Instagram. When I got my package in the mail it had 2 full sized polishes and a mini holo top coat! The reason I had to blog these is because they just really need to be shared. The polishes are breathtaking and the formula is perfection. Dry time is unreal! Before I show you the polish, lets look at the packaging!

                      Smoldering Crimson is a vampy holo polish. I used 2 coats with top coat.

Smoldering Crimson in 2 coats with top coat

Smoldering Crimson in 2 coats with top coat

Smoldering Crimson macro
Artisans Gold is the best gold holo I have ever used! 2 perfect coats with topcoat. This metallic polish also stamps! Watch the video of this polish HERE!
Artisans Gold in 2 coats with top coat

Artisans Gold macro
Artisans Gold stamped using Born Pretty plate BPL-003
The Medium Holo Top Coat surprised me! I expected it to be your average holo top coat but it isn’t. It also has a gold shimmer. And it does not apply streaky. I have had issues in the past with even application. This is smooth as hell! I put this over some nail art.
Medium Holo Top Coat in 1 coat with top coat

Medium Holo Top Coat macro
Ok, There ended up being more pictures then I remembered… Sorry! I highly recommend this indie brand! The quality is out of this world. I can not wait to try more. Is there a must have color that you can steer me towards? Let me know in the comments. Links below!
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