LevelUP Lacquer ~ Marvel Infinity Stones Collection

                                                                                 *Provided for review

          Happy Mother’s Day!! I hope you all had a wonderful day. It was nice here in CT. For my Mother’s Day I am doing my favorite thing! Bringing beautiful nail polish to you ❤  This last batch of polish that Ashley sent me has kept me drooling. Each polish is so unique. This collection has 4 of those pretties. Each polish is based on the Marvel Infinity Stones. These are the 4 out of 6 stones that have been revealed in the movies so far. Let’s get right to it 🙂

          The first polish in this collection is Tesseract. It is a blue jelly polish with holo circles, blue metallic circles, holo shreds, and holo micro glitters. Such a great formula for a jelly polish as well! 3 thin coats with top coat.

Tesseract bottle shot

3 coats of Tesseract with top coat

Tesseract macro
The second Infinity Stone polish is called Mind Stone. I really like this one a lot. It is different. I don’t own a single glitter that’s even close to this color. It has yellow gold micro glitter, holo shreds, yellow micro glitter, and yellow gold circle glitters. 3 thin, perfectly smooth, coats with top coat for my swatch.
Mind Stone bottle shot

3 coats of Mind Stone with top coat

Mind Stone macro
Aether is my FAVORITE! Like top 15 polishes ever! It speaks for itself. It’s a blackened red polish with holo shreds, red holo glitters, and black glitters. A good red polish will always get me!! 3 thin, perfect coats with top coat.
Aether bottle shot

3 coats of Aether with top coat

Aether macro
I mean really! Did you ooohhh and aaaaahhhhh??? I did and will continue to every time I see this beauty. Lastly, and just as gorgeous, is Orb. Orb is a super glitter packed polish. It was actually a tiny bit thick but with a careful hand it laid out perfectly flat and smooth for me. It is full of iridescent squares and hexes, metallic purple hexes, holo shreds, and I’m sure more that I am missing! There is just so much to it. I used 2 careful coats plus top coat.
Orb bottle shot

2 coats of Orb with top coat

Orb macro
The Infinity Stones Collection will be available on May 15th. I will update with pricing when it becomes available. Until then, make sure you are following all of Ash’s social media for updates and more swatches! Links below!
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For more info on the Infinity Stones and what they do make sure you click HERE!

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