LevelUP Lacquer ~ Bertie Bott’s Collection Part 2 ~ Not So Good Flavors

                                                                            *Provided for review

          Hi! Tonight I bring you part 2 of this Harry Potter inspired collection from LevelUP Lacquer! The polishes are based on the good, or not so good, flavors of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. Part 1 was the good flavors which you can see HERE. Part 2 is going to be the not so good flavors. I wrote all of the details for purchase in Part 1 so make sure you check that out! This post will just be swatches and links. With that being said, let’s jump right into the swatches!

          Dirty Socks is a gorgeous light grey creamy polish with black hexes and a golden shimmer. I love this one so much! The formula is perfect and I have never seen a polish quite like this before. It also makes me think of Dobby getting a sock so its high up there for me. Possibly my favorite of the whole collection! I mean, DOBBY!!!! My swatch is 3 thin coats with top coat.

3 thin coats of Dirty Socks with top coat

Dirty Socks macro
Dirt is my second favorite of the whole collection. Weird they are in the not so good flavors lol! Dirt is a creamy dark brown holo polish with an aqua shimmer. OMG its sooooo pretty! And I am sure you are seeing a pattern with formula right? Oh so good! Like buttah ❤ My swatch is 3 thin coats with topcoat.
3 thin coats of Dirt with top coat

Dirt macro
Boogey, as unpleasant as that thought is, is a really pretty lime green jelly polish. It is packed with tons of green glitters. Different shapes and sizes. Super smooth formula even with all the glitters! My swatch is 3 thin coats with top coat.
3 thin coats of Boogey with top coat

Boogey macro
Sardines is definitely going to be a crowd favorite from this collection. Its a glitter packed polish. It has silver and blue glitters with plenty of holo-y bling! I did 2 swatches of this because it can either be full coverage or it can be layered. For the first swatch I put 1 careful coat over China Glaze New Birth then a coat of top coat.
CG New Birth with 1 coat of Sardines with top coat

CG New Birth with 1 coat of Sardines with top coat
My second swatch of Sardines is 1 regular coat then 2 sponged on coats. It doesn’t need to done this way. There is more than enough glitter in the polish to get it opaque in 2-3 coats. This is just how I did it. I also needed to add 2 coats of top coat to even out the glitters a little. That also shouldn’t be an issue if you just polish normally. Its all about preference 🙂 
1 regular and 2 sponged coats of Sardines with top coat

Sardines macro
Last we have Soap. Soap is a creamy white polish loaded with iridescent glitters in different shapes and sizes. There is also a green and blue shimmer. Super pretty. Totally looks like soap bubbles. It so soft yet so shiny! My swatch is 3 thin coats with top coat. I also show it matte because iridescent glitters need to be matted! It does something amazing to them! Take a look!
3 thin coats of Soap with top coat

Soap macro

3 thin coats of Soap with a matte top coat

Soap matte macro
So what did you think of the Not So Good Flavors? Pretty good right?! I can get down with these bad flavors any day 🙂 Don’t forget to read Part 1 for deets. Read that HERE! Share your haul pics with me in the comments! I would love to see what you grabbed and how you use it! Links below!
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