My True Love Creations ~ Afterhours Collection

Hi everyone! How are we all doing on this Monday? I should be cleaning but I think I will put it off just a little while longer. I think that polish is more important in my list of priorities!! Today I have the very dark and sexy Afterhours Collection from MTLCreations! This upcoming collection will be available for pre-order on February 29th and for sale in the shop on March 9th. The full collection will be $46.99 CAD. The polishes in this collection are amazing. Would you like to see them? I thought you would!

          French Kiss is a deep crimson crème polish that is totally opaque in 2 coats with HKGirl top coat. The formula was perfect as usual. Such a creamy formula that is totally self leveling. So vampy. My pictures lean a little browner than it is in real life.

Blue-ty Call is a dark blue jelly polish that leans a little teal. Omg is it gorgeous. Blue polishes have been a weakness lately and the deeper the better. I used 3 thin coats with my HKGirl top coat. It is so squishy! I cant wait to make jelly sammiches with this!

Can you see the bump in my nail? This is just how my nail grows. NOTHING to do with the polish!!
Orgasmic Dreams is my favorite of the bunch. It is a dark purple jelly. Kind of a cross between a raisin color and royal purple. So pretty. It has scattered holo and multiple sizes and shapes of holographic and metallic glitters. I used 3 thin coats with top coat but 2 coats would be ok. I just wanted more glitter lol. Formula was perfection with this one. Its like a little purple galaxy on the nails. So mesmerizing.

Bottle macro of Orgasmic Dreams
Happy Ending is the last polish in this collection. It is a chocolate brown crème polish with scattered holo and tons of glitters that are holographic and metallic. This polish is so opaque! I only used 1 coat plus HKGirl. The formula on this polish is wonderful. The mix of colors is so so pretty. I did find that because it has such an opaque base, it was a little hard for the glitters to show up. You can see the glitters much better in the bottle. Either way, I loved it.

Bottle macro of Happy Ending
Overall, this collection is unique and I love it. Which one is your favorite? As always, links below! Have a great week!
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