ILNP ~ Mega (L)

How are we all doing? Probably in bed lol! I got my first ILNP polish in the mail today!! I was so excited when I saw that it was available on! I only had enough money to get this one thing because I had gotten a few other things for an upcoming giveaway! I don’t want to announce it until I have the stuff in hand but it will be a must to follow my Blog, IG, Facebook, and Twitter so make sure you do all that ahead of time!! If you check my IG, there is a picture of a Sally Hansen polish and in the caption I have listed some of the prize 😉 I absolutely needed to get myself this ILNP. I have a thing for silver holo polishes. Especially if it can stamp. I have not tested that yet but I will. For my swatch of Mega(L), I used 3 thin coats and my trusty HKGirl top coat. The L means the holo is linear. They also offer Mega in a scattered holo form. Mega(L) has such a smooth formula. The actual holo particle is so fine that’s its all seamless. Its like I poured rainbow on my nails. I am so very happy with this polish. The packaging was like it was sent from a really close friend. So pretty and colorful. Not sure when, but I will definitely be going back for more ILNP.

Let me know what your favorite ILNP polishes are and which ones I need the most! Links below!!

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