SinfulShine ~ Shining Couture

FRIDAY!! Any good plans for the weekend? I will be doing absolutely nothing. Boring adulthood…  Today I am bringing you a quick swatch from SinfulColors SinfulShine line. Just to put it out there, SinfulColors and SinfulShine do not have spaces between the words. I don’t know why but I have swatched for the company and they specifically asked for it to spelled that way. The polish I have today is called Shining Couture. I received this for free for testing purposes from PINCHme. They are a sample testing site that I use often. I get things from polish and lotion, to deodorant and cat food! All they ask in return is an honest review. Easy peasy. I was also given the Step 2 which is the SinfulShine top coat. This line of polishes is supposed to have the gel like finish but without the light usually needed for gel nails. I really didn’t see any difference from my HKGirl topcoat. They are both very shiny. That is where the similarities stop though. It is not fast drying at all! I cant say much about lasting power because no polish has lasting power on these hands lol! As far as the actual polish, it also wasn’t very special. Very pretty but nothing about it stands out. It is a deep blue jelly polish with huge amounts of gold micro flakies. So much so that it leans green. My swatch is 3 thin coats with Step 2 top coat.

Shining Couture macro. This shows a visible nail line but in person you couldn’t see this at all.
So what do you think? I am still unsure of this line. I will have to try more to form a fair opinion. SinfulColors are available almost everywhere! Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, etc. Let me know in the comments what color from this line I should get next!! Have a good weekend!!

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