Glisten & Glow ~ Netflix & Chill

Good morning! I wanted to drop a post real quick to cheer you up on a Monday! Will an ultra holo polish work? Thought so 🙂 I put a video on Instagram of a few polishes I got in a grab bag recently. One of the polishes included was Netflix & Chill from Glisten & Glow. I’m sure you all know by now that they have the worlds best shiny, fast drying top coat. I use it all the time and have just sworn off all others, period! Jill, the owner and creator of Glisten & Glow, doesn’t disappoint with polish either! I have drooled for so long over her polishes! But being a stay at home wife, I don’t get to buy polish often. So for me the grab bag was perfect. I was about to order just a single bottle of top coat when I saw the grab bag listing. $25 for the top coat and 3 mystery polishes. They could range from drugstore brands to indie brands. I got super lucky and ended up with 3 indie polishes; 2 from Jill herself!! I cant say enough good things!! Did I mention we both live in CT?!?! Anywho, this one is just gorgeous. Not quite sure how to describe it. Its like a really dark brown leaning fig color. I think. Its hard to tell all I can see is the rainbow holo flair LOL! And formula is out of this world! This polish was a black Friday exclusive and is sadly no longer available. But If you ever see it in a destash jump on it. It is worth every penny!!

2 coats of Netflix & Chill with HKGirl topcoat.
2 coats of Netflix & Chill with HKGirl topcoat.

Netflix & Chill macro.
Make sure you check out Glisten & Glow’s shop! There are plenty of ultra holo polishes and so much more! Links below!! I hope this holo picked up your Monday 🙂
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