OPI ~ Starlight Collection

Hello friends 🙂 How is your night going? I am having the perfect night at my In-laws house! While they take some time away, my husband and I are house/dog sitting. I have a cocktail and a boxer by my side while my husband is playing video games next to the other boxer. Wait, weren’t we here for polish?!?! Sorry about that lol. I was sent 6 OPI polishes, for free, to swatch and play with from Preen.Me. I have never had such a wide range of feelings for any other collection. Some were amazing and some were… well, read on.
I Drive a SuperNova. This polish is your average metallic silver polish. For me, it left awful marks from the brush strokes. I had read other reviews where this is not the case. I also used 2 coats while another blogger used only 1. I do believe that, if you are careful, it could definitely be a 1 coater. I used my second coat to even out the steaks from the brush. And, just in case this could have affected anything, I used yellow stopper as my base and HKGirl topcoat.

This polish is called, Is This Star Taken? NO!!! I had such high hopes for this polish. In the bottle, it’s beautiful. I couldn’t get over the holo! Although I am not usually a bar glitter fan, I didn’t even care! Is This Star Taken? is a champagne type light gold foil polish loaded with tiny holographic bar glitters. First of all, glitter in any full coverage foil or metallic polish is just bad. The way the foil shows every flaw is bad enough with out showing chunky mounds of glitter! The glitters lost so much of their rainbow effect because of the coverage. The formula was also very streaky while chunky at the same time from the amounts of glitter. This polish was a total dud for me 😦 This is 2 coats with top coat.

Ce-less-tial Is More. This one shocked me! It did not have anything, anywhere, that said it was a textured polish! It ended up being my second favorite of the six. This polish is a pinky gold with tiny holo bits. Its gorgeous. As with the OPI Liquid Sand polishes, the texture is perfect. I used to think Zoya Pixie Dust’s were my favorite textures, but OPI wins hands down. Always even with great coverage. This is 2 coats without top coat.

No More Mr. Night Sky. This is a sheer, smokey, dark grey polish that leans purple with a very subtle aqua flash. I die. It is so deep and pretty. I used 3 thin coats and it built up nicely for the sheerness of the first coat. This is such a wonderful winter time polish. This swatch is with top coat.

Macro of No More Mr. Night Sky
Guys & Galaxies is a deep reddish with a touch of brown. I think oxblood would be a good way to describe this. It was the amazing, classic, perfect OPI crème formula. 2 thin coats, that evened themselves out beautifully, with top coat. The one and only down side to this polish is the cuticle staining. Use caution when applying and removing or you will find out what I mean!

I saved the best for last. This is Ro-Man-ce On The Moon. This is 2 coats with top coat. As with all metallic polishes, be thoughtful with your brush strokes! The finish is very unforgiving. Almost all holiday collections have a red. And this one definitely has some very close dupes. But seriously, who could ever get tired of a shimmery, sexy red polish?!?! Not this polish lover. I don’t wear too much red but when I do I drool over my own hands lol! Its just so classic and bold.

Macro of Ro-Man-ce On The moon
Minus Is This Star Taken?, the polishes I received were wonderful. Nothing super new from a holiday collection, but all gorgeous none the less. I may use Is This Star Taken? to make an ornament with! Would You be interested in seeing that? Let me know that and what your favorite polish from this collection is in the comments!! All Links below 🙂

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