Lucky 13 Lacquer ~ Sea Salt Scrub

Hey there! How has your summer been? Mine has been family filled and fun! I have been spending all my spare time at my desk swatching and whatnot. Tonight, I bring you a review of a hand scrub from Lucky 13 Lacquer. The ingredients in this product include sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, coconut oil, and synthetic “blackberry fizz” fragrance.  First impression: It is such a pretty light coral color due to the pink Himalayan salt! It also has a pretty strong fragrance. Although it is blackberry fizz scented, it definitely had a citrus note to it. It smelled fresh and lively. Can you describe scent like that lol? It just woke up my senses! Don’t worry too much about the strong scent. It soaks in and leaves a nice subtle scent that is very long lasting! I also was sent a glass file. I already know I love these so my review is to run and get you one! I will show you all the pics then let you know what I thought!!

Macro of the scrub.


Right after a long swatch session and right before my first use of the sea salt scrub.

Right after my first use. Look at the moisture!
This was after 3 uses of the scrub.
Freshly filled and scrubbed!
Overall, I loved this stuff. After a week of use (every other day), It definitely made my hands softer. My nails and cuticles soaked up the oils so fast. It was exactly what I needed for my nails and I didn’t even know it! Make sure you get some for yourself! Links below 🙂
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