Creative Cuticles Nail Polish

Hi all! Today I have for you 5 polishes from Creative Cuticles Nail Polish (CCNP)! Kayla, the owner of CCNP recently had a sale that I could not pass up. Buy 2 Get 3 Free!!! And I have noticed since this purchase that Kayla has sales ALL THE TIME!!! Seriously, if you don’t own any polish from this brand, run and go get you some!! I chose what I think is a pretty good variety of formulas for my first time. Glitter, jelly, and crelly polish. First, I want to start with the one I had been eyeing for quite some time. A Great Red. A Great Red is a true red jelly polish with metallic red hexes. It sounds so simple but when its on it has so much depth! The glitters are happily floating about in this blissfully squishy jelly. I love it! I used 3 thin coats with a glossy topcoat and it was perfect. No streakiness or balding at all. There was also no fishing for any glitter. Check it out! There are quite a few pics because I could not narrow it down!

Seriously?!?! How cute is that label??!

A Great Red with matte top coat

Matte macro


Next polish I have is also a red polish. This is Shark Bait. It is a clear base with ultra fine red holo micro glitter and white holo hexes. The white holo hexes are totally mystifying!!! They seem gold iridescent like. By no means do they look white! It is because of this that this polish is so unique. I really have no words to describe the beauty it holds. For my swatch I used 3 thin coats with a glossy top coat. It went on nice and smooth. And it didn’t dry gritty. In love.

The macros are a little blurry to help show the holo. It also looks like bald spots on the edge of my nail but I didn’t see these in real life.

 I’m Blue for You is up next. I originally picked this one because of the soft neutral shade. Its perfect as a sheer base for nail art or it can be fully built up with a few coats. Turns out, this is my favorite of the 5! This polish pretty much puts itself on. It is a super silky smooth formula with no streaking or balding even after multiple strokes of the brush. I usually do this once or twice to check formula and not a smear to be seen. It is completely self leveling and super shiny when dry. I used 3 thin perfect coats with a glossy topcoat. I only used the topcoat to dry it quick! Not for the shine! If you follow my Instagram you know I have used it multiple times already!

The last 2 CCNP polishes I have are sheer neon jellys! Sheer jellys have been all the rage but when I tried the OPI sheer tints I wasn’t very happy… They were so thick they were horrible to work with 😦 So when I saw Kayla had neon jellys I had to try again. I only grabbed Kass (pink), and Tammy (purple) which I now regret. Live and learn! These polishes had the same formula as A Great Red minus the glitter. Smooth without streaking of any kind. I really wanted to showcase these on their own so I decided to add a little stamping so you could see how bright they would be over white!! Swatches are all 3 coats with a glossy top coat. Also not needed for the shine 🙂  And just to clarify there are 3 coats of the jellys over the white stamp as well.



So what did you think? I know I will be getting more. Because of the high quality product it is the second time I feel comfortable enough asking for a custom for another indie maker! The first being the person the custom is for lol!! High five Kayla!! Perfect product in all aspects! I can not wait to own more CCNP! Make sure you are following Kayla on all of her social media for sales and updates!! Links below 🙂
Creative Cuticles Nail Polish:: Shop :: IG

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