My True Love Creations ~ The Specials LE

I’m back!! How was your break lol? This time, I bring you a one year anniversary duo! The duo is called The Specials LE. They do not have individual names but I think I will let my girls pick some names 🙂 How exciting that Cherise has been in this business for over a year now!! It has been so fun to be able to be a part of it! And let’s not forget her crocheted items and other bath products! Can you believe on top of that she is a mommy of 4?! How accomplished and so damn tired she must be lol!! I hope to be a part of her journey for as long as she is on it ❤ HAPPY INDIE ANNIVERSARY CHERISE! ❤ ❤ ❤ Let's get to the polish 🙂 The color half of The Specials LE is an electric blue polish with a matching shimmer and scattered holo. What an eye catcher!! Everyone in my family is in love with this one! 2  perfectly smooth coats with top coat. It’s so bold all by itself. No undies for this baby!

 The glitter half of The Specials LE is a gorgeous blue micro glitter, holo of course, very fine glass flecks, and very soft light blue hexes. I mean the color is soft not the glitter lol!! Think Cinderella 🙂 1 coat over Creative Cuticles Nail Polish I’m Blue For You. IBFY is a perfectly light purple crelly. But that’s for another post!! The delicateness really let the glitter pop!

Did you get your hands on this limited edition duo? Leave a comment and let me know what you thought!!
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