My True Love Creations ~ Polished Chrome Thermals Collection

I am so very excited to bring you this post today!! Cherise has been working on some thermal for quite some time now. She wanted to make sure she got it right and boy did she! There are 4 chrome polishes in this collection and all have a light holo dust and the same perfect formula *swoon*! We all know how much I love this brand so instead of gushing like a new mom, lets get right to the pics! WARNING: VERY PICTURE HEAVY!! First is Shot Gun Sally. This goes from a medium grey to a navy blue when cold. If you happen to like the Dallas Cowboys this polish has your name written all over it!

SGS warm

SGS cold

SGS in transition

SGS warm, cold, warm, cold. 

SGS macro warm

SGS macro cold

 Machine Gun Molly is a white chrome when warm and a silver chrome when cold.

MGM warm

MGM cold

MGM in transition

MGM cold, warm, cold, warm

MGM macro warm

MGM macro cold

 This awesome polish is Tammy Gun. This goes from a white to a bright teal! This ended up being my favorite of this set! Sorry Bella Beretta lol!

TG warm

TG cold

TG warm, cold, warm, cold

TG in transition

TG macro warm

TG macro cold

 Bella Beretta! A soft baby pink to a med pink! I thought for sure this would be my favorite because its pink. It is my second favorite but I was shocked!

BB warm

BB cold

BB warm, cold, warm, cold

BB in transition

BB macro warm

BB macro cold

Which of these Polished Chrome Thermals will you be picking up??

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