Nia’s All Natural ~ Berry Girly

                                                                                                                               *PICTURE HEAVY

Hey polish friends! It has been such a long time since I even have looked at my blog. It has been such a busy time for me and my family. Things are calming down now and getting back to somewhat normal so posting should be more regular. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I hosted dinner at my house and I enjoyed it tons! My family is fun lol. Today, I bring you a thermal polish called Berry Girly from a new to me indie brand, Nia’s All Natural Cosmetics for Girls. I had no idea this polish was thermal until I checked out swatches from other ladies. This polish goes from a very deep plummy purple to an almost neon pink! My husband noticed this right away because he loves thermals that have a huge difference in colors. This polish also has a very fine shimmer and a light amount of small square holo glitters. It lives up to its name perfectly! It’s a crelly strongly leaning jelly like formula that applies like butter. No streaking or bald spots what so ever! It also dried pretty quickly. For this swatch I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat. I did a little stamping with a similar color polish as the cold state. That way it “appears” when warm! I also added some swatches with matte top coat because my shine was just too shiny lol!! **All of my cold shots appear brown. I am not sure why because it was like this in person not just in photos. I assure you it is not brown in the bottle!!! You will see what I mean, check it out!

                                                      COLD WITH WARM TIPS:


                        Can you see the difference in the color from the nail to the bottle?! COLD:




                                                           WARM WITH COLD TIPS:





So, what do you think?  I love this one a lot. Make sure you check out the shop for more info and availability!
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