Glitz’d23 Nail Lacquer ~ Glo Bananas

Good evening friends! Tonight I have a new to me indie brand Glitz’d23 Nail Lacquer. Tammy, the owner and creator, sent me 5 glow in the dark polishes to swatch and review. I split them all up because each color/glitter has a lot of pics! Let’s begin with Glo Bananas. I would consider this a jelly polish. It is a little hard to tell because there is so much glow pigment it doesn’t have a jelly feel to it. I am not complaining because that means the glow is intense!! This polish has a great formula though for a yellow! And it also has a wide brush which I am super happy about. Love those nice surprises. For my swatch I used 3 coats with a glossy topcoat. Dry time was really good. In these pics you can see a slight visible nail line. It isn’t that apparent in person. I also added a banana bunch stamp for an accent. I so love stamping lately!


To achieve this glow I put my nails under my desk lamp for about 1 minute as well as the bottle. It has a daylight light bulb. Glo Bananas has a very bright yellow-ish green glow. This ended up being one of my favorites! Definitely a unique yellow. Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading 🙂

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