Glitz’d23 Nail Lacquer ~ Glass Princess

Hi! This is the last of 5 polishes I was sent to review for Tammy, owner of Glitz’d23! Glass Princess was the first one I decided to swatch! It just has the best iridescent glitter I have seen! It changes colors so easily! It is packed with the glitters, mini and small. The base isn’t clear. Its very sheer but the base is a milky jelly. I put this over a sheer shimmer white polish because I just wanted enough of a base to show off the delicateness of this polish. So very pretty and girly! For my swatch I used 2 thin coats over the shimmer polish with a glossy topcoat. Formula was great and the glitters were totally flat. I added an extra bottle macro picture so you can see what a difference different lighting will make on this polish! Pastel rainbow!!


Glass Princess has such a beautiful aqua glow. Just like the others, super bright! I got this glow by putting my nails and the polish bottle under my desk lamp (daylight light bulb) for 1 minute! This is another must have so do yourself a favor and get some awesome glow polish!!! Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading 🙂

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