Glitz’d23 Nail Lacquer ~ Bubble Gum Girl

Hey there! Me again! I am very excited to show you all this polish! I was so happy to see this in my swatch mail from Tammy, owner of Glitz’d23 Nail Lacquer!! Pink is my favorite and this is an awesome bright pink. Not neon but definitely bold. The formula on this was jelly like with a tiny bit of the glow grit. Just what I call the slight thickness in glow formulas. It did not affect application or dry time at all. What is this awesomeness you ask? Bubble Gum Girl!! Love that name! I used 3 thin coats with a glossy topcoat and on my accent I stamped sheer bubbles with a touch of shimmer. I did sheer because when u blow a bubble it gets see through!! To the pics! 


Bubble Gum Girl has an intense orange glow! To achieve this glow I put my nails and the polish bottle under my desk lamp for 1 minute. I use a daylight light bulb in my lamp!! Everyone needs to own this polish!! Definitely go check out Tammy’s shop! Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading 🙂

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