Glitz’d23 Nail Lacquer ~ Blu Lite Special

  “Blu Lite Special aisle 6!! Glow in the dark polish!!” That’s what I think of when I say the name of this polish. This is 1 of 2 glitters I received to swatch from Glitz’d 23. Blu Lite Special is a clear base with mini ice blue, almost white, metallic hexes and small metallic teal square glitters. For the most part I loved this topper. I put it over a white base so you didn’t think the small glitters were white! I used one generous coat over white for my swatch then topped it with a glossy topcoat. I actually swatched this 3 times before I was ok with it. At first I thought what I was seeing was a super bubbly topcoat. But then when I tried it the next day over a light purple, it was the same. Almost like tiny little fuzz got in the polish. This is just the glow pigment and you cant see it unless you are looking for it. Besides that everything about this polish was great! The glitters lay nice and flat and give a good coverage with just one coat. and like most glitters it dried quickly!    

See the “fuzz”?
This was a bottle shot so no topcoat bubbling goin on here!

Blu Lite Special has such a strong blue glow!! I got this glow by placing my nails and polish bottle under my desk lamp (daylight light bulb) for 1 minute!

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