Secret Nail Santa

Happy Tuesday!! Today I want to share my experience with a Secret Nail Santa group. I am part of a private group on Facebook called Nail Addicts. The group is run by amazing ladies! We just finished a Secret Nail Santa swap! Tatiana Amelia S. was the first to suggest it and it started from there! Dawn Figueroa was the one who ended up running this whole crazy group!! We all used a site called It had a place to fill out your personal wish list that only your sns could see. And of course there was a place to keep track of what your drawn name wants! There was also a message board just for chatting or what not.  This is what it looked like

I would definitely use this site again, although there were a few ladies that suggested other sites for the next swap.  Since this is from my perspective all I will show is what I received from Morgan Summer. I was so happy with what I got and I am pretty sure I have used my cup every day since!! Lets start from the beginning! This is what I saw as soon as I opened the box!

This gift card was amazing because coffee is my main food group!!

My first stamping plates from winstonia!! I love them and use them constantly!! It also makes for much faster nail art on my 8 year old daughter lol.

CHOCOLATE!!!! All the best kinds 🙂

Seriously!?!? Could it get any better than this? This stays on my nail desk full of ice water all the time!

A polish bottle necklace! I put this on immediately 🙂

As you can see, I was spoiled!! Thank you again so much Morgan for the awesome Christmas presents!! Do you participate in any swaps? There are a ton out there! 
It is so much fun!! Thanks for reading 😉

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