Milani ~ Sugar Burst

Hi friends!! I found Milani Sugar Burst on clearance at Walgreen’s the other day and the holo caught my eye. Of course my husband being the amazing guy he is grabbed it as soon as I was like ooohhhhh!!!! At first I just though this was a glitter topper. It says on the bottle that it is a “textured nail lacquer with bold shimmer.”. It definitely wasn’t textured like the average polish. Just chunky from the amount of glitter. It has a flat brush which I love. I used 3 coats and still had some visible nail. The base was very thick so I would either use this as just a glitter topper or maybe sponge on layers. The glitter in this polish is micro, small, and medium baby pink hexes and very tiny baby pink bars. It also has a good amount of micro holo hexes. Still unsure how I feel about this polish! What do you think?



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