Influenster #FrostyVoxBox

Who absolutely loves to try out new things? Free things? How about give opinions? Yes? I thought so!! That’s what Influenster is! I received everything in this box complimentary from Influenster to try, and give my honest opinion. Check out what came in this #frostyvoxbox and see what I think!
                                                      WARNING: Picture heavy!!

I am super happy to have gotten some thyme! Who doesn’t need a little extra thyme lol! Too tacky? I used this to season my chicken for dinner. All I did was melt some butter with the thyme in it and poured that over my chicken then baked it! Its such a wonderful and homestyle type spice. I always use thyme in my cooking so this was right up my alley!!

It is a very rare occasion for me to wear make up. I have pretty bad anxiety and I also have a skin picking disorder. My husband got free movie tickets so we planned a date night and with my face I needed to use makeup!! Luckily for me I have pretty awesome eyes and eyelashes! I wore all water proof makeup because I knew I was going to cry (Hobbit 3). After the movie and before bed I used this with a cotton round. I held it on my (closed lol) eye for about 5 seconds then swiped. Took about 3 good swipes but my eyes were totally make up free! I will definitely be keeping this around and possibly wearing more makeup 🙂

Ah, the Fruit Vines. I only had enough time to get 2 pics of this bag before it was opened then emptied. They were delicious!! These were not waxy like some fruit snacks can be. The best part was the real cherry flavor. It wasn’t that fake, sweet, lollipop like cherry. We have already bought more and most likely will again!

If you happen to need a brush I suggest this one right here. It works awesome with my fine straight hair and even better with my daughters thick curly/wavy hair!! The handle is smooth and the brush head flexes! Such a great design.

TEA!!! I LOVE TEA! My favorite tea ever is actually peppermint tea so this was perfect for me! it really should say For: Jenn, right on the package. I expected this to taste the same as peppermint tea but I was wrong. I’m not sure how to explain it but it really tasted like a candy cane. It had a slight sweetness about it. and because I don’t read, I was double happy when I found out it had 2 tea bags!! YAY!!

This. I said before I hardly wear make up. I really don’t have a face routine at all. I should probably get on that because I am not getting younger. Either way, I passed this sample to my mother in law to test out. she said it was very nice on her sensitive skin. No real long term effects as this was just a small sample.

This was the eyeliner I used for date night with my husband. After crying at the movie the makeup didn’t smudge 🙂 It glided on smoothly and evenly. I will definitely be checking this out in other colors. And its such a great value!!

Also something I wore on my date night. I love lip stuff of any kind. I prefer chapsticks and balms with no color because im plain like that lol.  That’s why I really liked this. It was moisturizing like a balm but light enough so it was still “me”.  Definitely a great base if you have a favorite shiny or shimmer gloss to layer over the top. And again, This is a very good priced product!

And this is just because KITTIES!!!!! This is my kitten Ash. He LOVES boxes. He was in this one before it was even emptied 🙂

A collage of my products that I posted on IG

The chicken I made using my thyme!

My tea!!

If you are interested in reviewing products for Influenster, Please leave your email in a comment and I will send you an invite!!! Thanks for looking 🙂

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