Best Silver Holos Ever!!!

Hi friends!! 2 nights in a row! Weird right? Well, today has been a good day and last night I had time to do some swatches for this post I have had in my head for a while. Seems holographic polish and/or glitter is THE thing to have for any kind of manicure! Since my husband works and I stay home, I don’t have tons of money for indies. But, it just so happens that the silver holo polishes/glitters I do have are some of the best and/or most sought after! Wow, lots of slashes lol!! On with the post! First up, bottle shots:




This polish is the olny one of the four made of square micro glitters! It is also the only one with a flat wide brush. These things really stood out. The only thing I can say about this polish is that it took a little extra to fully coat the nail. This was 3 thick coats with topcoat. There are other ways to get better glitter coverage but for this post I wanted to highlight the polish for itself. It was very smooth for so much glitter. Laid totally flat and only needed one thin coat of topcoat to smooth it over.
This one was a little different. I put base coat on the nail then sprinkled the glitter over my nail. I didnt press down or anything. I just let it do its thing! After about a minute I used a fan brush to brush all the excess glitter off. Another 3-5 minutes later I did the same thing over again. No pressing and no topcoat! I love the texture it left. Im sure I could have smoothed it with topcoat. I just didnt want to lol. This is a hex micro loose glitter. 

this one has been flying off of store shelves everywhere its sold. This polish is a silver linear holo polish with mini silver holo hexes. What a super stunner!! I have already used this to make Christmas ornaments and a bunch of manis. I need a backup. Then I need a backup of the backup. Not for me but for a lucky someone else!! So lets all take a moment of silence and pray I can find more!!!!! This can be worn over any color to make it holo or on its own in 3 thin coats. I have it here alone (3 coats) with topcoat.

Last but most certainly not least is this beauty right here!! Princess is super close to Drunk On Holo. I used 3 coats for this with top coat. It is made up of hex micro glitters. This laid nice and flat and had total coverage in 3 thin coats. It also smoothed out with just 1 thin coat of top coat!

So, which is your favorite? I dont think I could decide! I am just happy I have them all 🙂

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