My True Love Creations ~ Fall Collection

Hey ladies! How’s it going this Tuesday night? Hopefully good since it was really warm today! I live in CT so around here it was nice lol! Anyway, I got more polish to swatch from Cherise, owner and creator of My True Love Creations!! Sometimes she throws in a full sized polish which is super sweet to do considering its sent for swatching. 🙂 She also sent a cuticle oil which I will be reviewing in another post after I use it a few more days! I even got my husband involved haha!! Check back to see how… On to the polish!!! I usually don’t do this but I will be giving a review of all the polishes then I’ll post the pics. I am doing it this way because besides the color, the polishes were all pretty much the same. The names of the polishes are Once In a Blue Moon, Apple Crush, and Foresta Lumina. There was also a gold glitter topper called Star Dust. The first 3 polishes are all holographic jellies!! I used 3 thin coats for each swatch and no topcoat. The formula, for jelly polish, was pretty smooth. The first coat is always a little tricky, but it built up and evened out beautifully by the third coat! The polish is full of scattered holo. What I really loved about it was that it wasn’t a super strong holo effect. In my opinion, the strong holo rainbow sometimes takes away from the color of the base polish. Now the glitter. This is something everyone should own!! It’s tiny glitters so it looks very feminine over anything! It could totally be built up if layered thinly or applied with a makeup sponge. I just love this so much! I’m sure you have heard me say before that I’m not a huge fan of glitter. This is my kind of glitter! I could wear this often. It’s not chunky and/or blingy. Here, I wore it over Loyal Made by Pure Nail Lacquer. Perfection 🙂 Lets check these babies out!!!
                                                  Once In a Blue Moon

This one shows the holo a little better.

Apple Crush


Foresta Lumina

Star Dust

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I do!! They are available now so go grab your favorites (or all)!!

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