Sally Hansen ~ Pacific Blue comparison

Hey my fellow polish lovers!! So there is a huge deal about this reformulation of Sally Hansens Pacific Blue #420. As soon as I heard about it i knew i wanted to grab an original before they were gone. I mentioned it to my husband while swatching and the next day he came home with a huge smile! He says,” i grabbed you the last pacific blue they had.” He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the new, darker pacific blue. He must have seen the “ugh” look on my face because he immediately asked if he should return it. I figured it would be good to hold onto for comparison purposes. And with all the up roar i figured todays the day! First i compared it to China Glaze’s Frostbite. They are very similar. Except for the fact that the new Sally hansen is a jelly polish. Check it out. I did Frostbite on my pinkie and middle fingers, and the new Pacific Blue on my ring and pointer. 3 coats each with topcoat. 

Here is the original Pacific Blue alone. 2 coats no topcoat!!

And lastly this is both the new and old Pacific Blue! The new on my ring finger and the old on the rest. 

Final thoughts: i didnt like the formula on the new one at all. Its pretty but not anywhere near as stand out as the original!! If you can get your hand on the old one before its gone for good!!!! 

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