MyTrue Love ~ True Blood Collection part 1

Hey ladies!! I hope everyone is having better weather than I have had lately. Because of that let me apologize for the lighting and picture quality. I did my best to have these ready asap but I had no sun to work with :(. So here is what I have for you for now and stick around because I think I want to redo these. Last time I did swatches of  My True Love polish I couldn’t get over how awesome they were! These polishes are no different!! I absolutely love them 🙂 The six polishes I swatched matched each other so well. I ended up pairing them all together. Lets check it out!! This is a macro of Sam in its warm state with one coat of Andy. I matted my pointer for these pics because its just easier to see the glitters without the shine!!  Sam is a thermal polish full of holographic dust that in its warm state is the perfect sour apple green. When cold it turns to a dark teal. Such a great transition 🙂 I used 3 coats to make it a solid color. Andy is a glitter topper in a clear base with micro metallic blue glitter, small translucent blue hexes and medium black hexes. One coat was all I needed and no fishing required 🙂


This is a macro of Sam in his warm state with topcoat.

Here is the fun stuff!!!!! The different faces of Sam 🙂 Don’t mind the water. I used hot and cold water to help with the pics. Pinkie and middle finger are cold and my ring and pointer fingers are warm. The stamping plate  use is a no name brand. Something my husband picked up trying to be nice ❤ I used Maybelline bold gold to stamp with. I think I am starting to enjoy stamping!

This is the transition on all the fingers.

This is the cold version of Sam.

This is the total warm state.

This gorgeousness is 4 thin coats of  Lafayette with one coat of Alcide on the top. Lafayette is a very frosty shimmery violet purple. Luxurious is the word that comes to mind!!! Alcide is very similar to China Glaze Glistening Snow. It is just a little less dense in glitter. But it is just as holo!  I didn’t even want to take this off. Most of my pics lean blue for this purple but there is 1 I got that is very true to color. Super smooth and fast drying for all polishes so far!!

This one here is the one that shows true color for Lafayette. It is just as perfect all by itself!

And last but not least we have 4 thin coats of Jessica with 1 coat of Tara. Cherise told me they went well together but I wasn’t expecting to be so mesmerized by the combo!! Tara is a clear base with micro pink holographic glitters. Jessica is a bright fuchsia shimmer polish that has an amazing dry time and super smooth application! With that being said I do want to note that I had a issue with this one. As you will see on 1 maybe 2 fingers there were a few bumps. I did try a few times to swatch without the bumps but it just didn’t happen. I am pretty sure this was a fluke thing though because I just bought a ton of polish from her and everyone was perfect!!

Jessica alone in all her beauty!

All in all, I am again super pleased! I already am prepping my next order lol! I hope you all go check her out on instagram for updates sales and maybe even giveaways!!! I promise its worth it 🙂

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