Vinyl Boutique nail decals

Hey my polish addicts!! Today I have a manicure to show you that uses vinyl nail decals. I received these to use and review from the sweet Laura!! She is the owner of  Vinyl Boutique. She offers everything from animal shape decals to labels for your kitchen containers. like flour, sugar, brown sugar stuff like that. she does monogrammed stickers and iPhone/pad/pod charger wraps!! I was just looking at her page and she has lowered her prices and ships internationally. I still have a few more decals that I will be showing you soon! I really love the idea of hounds tooth decals but taking them off and placing them piece by piece can get tiring! Other than that I loved everything about these!! Here are the hounds tooth and the kissing lips 🙂 Make sure to follow Laura on Instagram to keep up with sales!!! 

                                                    These 2 pictures were taken in my house next to a window. you can see the screen shadow lol.

This was in my house with no lights on

I had the worst luck with all of my macro shots so I’m sorry these are blurry!!

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