Hey ladies!! Long time, no type! I have had lots going on and I just took too much on for Easter. But I am back and SUPER excited to post this! I received  3 polishes to swatch and check out from Cherise Kane. Owner of MyTrueLoveMTL indie nail polish. In an email she sent me she said they may not be as good as other indies because she is new to the game. WELL, if this is what she does as a newbie I will stick around!! I already have gone over an order of about 5 bottles with my husband. The formula on all 3 polishes was amazing. so smooth 🙂 It could pretty much apply itself! Dry time is great! I had no issues at all with coverage or anything. I feel that I could not say enough about Cherise’s Line!! PLEASE do yourself a favor and follow her on IG  (@mtlmytruelove) and buy her polish!!! You wont regret it!! here are a ton of pics of the 3 polishes I swatched.
This is a macro of Cosmic Girl. its a black jelly-ish polish with pink hex glitters and tons of holo dust! when I first saw this it was dark and I didn’t see the holo. as soon as I sat at my desk to swatch I saw it under my lamp and was soooo excited. I love it so much and I haven’t seen anything like it before!

These are macro shots of Mia. A super pretty light purple that’s a little sheer but builds up in 3 coats. Also full of holo dust and shimmer. Since purple is my favorite polish color this one is definitely perfect for me!!

And OMG here is Noah. The second I saw this in the sun I told my husband I needed a full sized. He rolled his eyes, came over to check it out, then said ok! With eyes wide and all 🙂 He loves it!! A glitter topper in a clear base packed full of blue and holo micro glitters! I really have no words so just look! I have tons of pics of all the polishes 🙂

Noah in the sun.
Noah in the shade. 3 thin coats over a light blue on my pointer and pinkie and 3 good coats without undies on the middle and ring.

Blurry to show the holo


Macro of Mia in the sun.

Mia in direct sunlight

Mia in muted sunlight

Cosmic Girl has a lot of flash pics to show the holo because the sun was hiding!!

Cosmic Girl in the sun.

Hope you love these as much as I do!!!

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