Maybelline Color Show ~ Street Art Collection

Hi all!! Are we ready to be snowed in? I am in Connecticut and its due to start in a few hours!!!!!! I have been absent for a few so I am taking advantage of this lazy weather to bring you swatches of the Maybelline Color Show Street Art Collection! This is a glitter packed collection that I had to have. I am not a huge fan of lots of glitter unless it is matte glitter. And even then I am a little weary. I just love my shimmer 🙂 These happen to catch my eye while browsing my local walmarts selection. They have been making their cosmetics section much better lately. To the pics!! First up is Wild at Heart. By far my favorite in this collection. I love red so much (as long as its not polish lol) especially when its over a pretty pink polish!! I used 1 thick coat here. Like glitters normally do it dried really fast. I find that they all were really jam packed with glitter which is great but it definitely thickened up the formula. I also noticed the brush was full of little glitters that kind of just hung out there. That being said they all applied pretty easily and smoothly. With Valentines day coming up I added a heart and dragged my top coat until it smeared. it started as an accident but as soon as I saw the first red streak I was like “ooohhhh, that’s unique”. At least from what I have seen!!

Now here is my least favorite. This is Pink Splatter. It looks white. That is my biggest issue with this polish. I already have a bunch of those! I put this over a shimmery charcoal color for a sharp contrast hoping that would help show the pink but it didn’t help very much. I may come back to this one when I find a better base color. The first 2 pics have a matte top coat.

This one is pretty awesome. Its called Nighttime Noise. Blue is definitely up there with my top favorite colors. This one I was very happy with!!

Here is Blue Beats. I really like the undie I chose for this. Totally makes the blue pop!!!

And last but no where near least is Green Graffiti. This was the first one I needed and the first one I swatched. You cant see just how bright the green really is. this may be another I revisit!!

So, all in all, this collection didn’t wow me at all. its ok but not a must have. Maybe only grab 1 or 2 if you must!! ta ta til next time ladies 🙂

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