Zoya ~ Chita

 Hey there friends! I have gotten super spoiled lately. My husband just cant help himself. Which is the worst because I cant help myself when it comes to polish!! There was a major Zoya promotion recently for 3 free polishes!! All you had to pay was $12 for shipping and handling!! So my husband let me get three then created an account in his name and told me to get a few more!!!! When he says yes I don’t hesitate. I asked my nail bestie Sally what she liked and hooked her up! I chose for her Stevie and Blaze. Stevie is a pixie dust textured polish and Blaze is a holographic polish. These will be her first Zoyas!! And that’s just the Zoyas! I was also able to pick up some new indies which I will be getting swatch of soon so keep an eye out for that!! What I have for you now is one of the polishes I picked for myself from the Zoya sale. This one is Chita. Chita is a dark forest green with silver micro glitters that could totally be a one coater. I used two because I prefer my coats to be very thin. If you wanted to use a thicker coat just one should do. I also did not use top coat. This dries to a textured matte finish that is just the best. If you don’t own any Pixie dust polishes from Zoya I strongly suggest you get one. In my opinion they are the best textured polishes by far!!! My skin looks a little red but I think after I did these swatches I made it better so bare with me on that. I’m working on making my lighting much better for the sake of these beautiful polishes. Check out Chita.

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