Zoya ~ Beatrix

Hello and welcome to what may possibly be my favorite Zoya pixie dust so far! I really wasn’t looking at this color much because I’m not a huge orange fan. My husband kept saying that he liked it and thought I should get it. I gave in because I couldn’t make up my mind for my last choice and I figured if I didn’t like it I could send it to Sally. I know she likes orange:) Always when I get new polish the first thing I do is swatch it on a piece of paper. When I finally got to this one I was just wowed. It almost looks like a coral color with golden shimmer. It gets more of an orange color as the coats build but it is pretty sheer. This took 3-4 thin coats. Mostly 3 but 4 on a few that needed touching up. I can not wait to wear this in the summer. It is the perfect beach color!! See for yourself

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