My new Helmer and work space :)

 Hello my awesome friends!! I wanted to share with you some more personal stuff than my nails 🙂  I recently counted and organized (by brand, no color order) my polish collection.  The official tally was 549!  That was not including basecoats, topcoats, treatments, and some minis. I did include my indie minis just because they are indies, ya know??  They have more value to me I guess. personal value not monitary just so we are clear 🙂  Anyways, I am talking in past tense because I belive I have gotten 5 or 6 sense then!!  That was when my husband said, “time to get you a helmer! There is no place left to put them!” OK!!!!!! We ended up making a date day out of it because it was about an hour and 40 minutes each way to get to Ikea from our apartment. So while we were out there we ate and store hopped. To my surprise, the polish shopping wasn’t great. I have better options around me. but I did get my helmer!!  So here is what I think about it after having it for almost a week.  It comes unassembled so the metal has to be bent and wheels attached and all that. Which is fine for me!  I love to be handy around the house!! Its so fun 🙂  It took me about 45 minutes from opening box to totally done. I really do love the red color.  Its so bright and so me! Most of my polish fit in those six small drawers.  I couldn’t believe it. I also did not realize how heavy polish really is!! Which brings me to my only complaint so far… the drawers are a little flimsy.  I filled each drawer fully so if I want a polish from the back I have to open it all the way.  When I do this the drawer kind of tilts to the side a little like if I let go it would fall out. Now I didn’t expect it to be super solid but I figured it would be like a tiny filing cabinet. Mostly it is except for that. But I think I can live with that if I just use it carefully. It really hold so much in such a little space. I tucked mine between my desk and my wall. Perfect. I keep my desk in the living room because me and my husband are big movie fans and that’s usually what we do when I paint my nails 🙂 Alright, to the pics!! Enjoy my little slice of happiness!! Here is my desk area.

This is drawer 1: indies, lotion, clean up brushes.

Drawer 2: julep, w n’ w, rimmel, OPI, nina, nyc

Drawer 3: sally hansen, fingerpaints, funky fingers, milani. 

Drawer 4: orly, sinful colors. 

Drawer 5: rest of sinful colors and china glaze. 

Drawer 6: more milani, klean colors, avon, and a bunch of random singles. 

Top drawer of desk: last of my china glaze and my zoyas

Top of my desk:

And my super messy tool drawer: tons of randoms 🙂 stickers, tape, scissors, nail vinyls, toothpicks, sponges, gems, studs, stamper, lip stuff.

Leave me a comment if u have any questions or want different shots or details 🙂

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