Sinful Colors ~ Emerald Envy

Hey there friends 🙂 I said I would have these posted already but I don’t.  So I’m doing it now. I’ll stop telling you all how irritating it is to deal with new electronics for me and just breath and blog!! Here we go. Today we have Emerald Envy from Sinful Colors.  I am very pleasantly surprised by this one.  My husband is the green lover. I gravitate towards purple like its the only color on earth lol. So when my husband brought this home for me I was like, eh.  But when it was this guys turn to be swatched I slowly fell in love.  It has this amazing gold shimmer to it. If you have ever seen Happy Ending also by Sinful Colors it is just like it but textured and matte. It took 2 coats to be a solid color and the dry time was amazing. Usually textures dry super fast like glitter polishes. I will be using this polish a lot come St. Patricks day!! See for yourself 🙂

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