Influenster Rose Voxbox

Hello!! This post is not a nail post but it involves polish… does that count? Just wanna give you a quick review of the products i was given from Influenster 🙂 If you dont know what this is it is a product testing site. You dont just get free stuff. You have to review it, take pics, all that good stuff 🙂 if you are interested please email me!! I have invites 🙂 ( Ok, i loved this box!! It had lotion, chocolate, nail polish, and more. Lets start with the Dr. Scholl’s for her cozy cushions. I actually passed these along to my mom because i wear flip flops all year long lol. I did ask her how they were and she loves them. She wears steal toe boots for work and she said her feet are always warm and comfortable. Even when working outside in the winter!! So i would say A+ for those 🙂 The Lindor chocolate, what can be said?? It was gone before i even knew what else was in my box!! Of course it was smooth and heavenly. Its my favorite chocolate so they did good!! The lotion i got was Vitabath hydrating lotion in wild red cherry scent. Smells so good i could eat it. My daughter always has a reason that she neeeeeddddss to put the lotion on for lol. And a little goes a long way!! The only issue i have is that it is a little greasy. Not for long cuz it all soaks in pretty quickly but i still am not a fan of that feeling. Now the mascara. I have very long dark thick lashes naturally so i dont use much mascara. This i am no help with. I did use it to try it but to me it seemed like every other kind. Still clumped a little bit as well. Sorry i cant be of more help with this one. But as for the Belvita breakfast cookies, OMG!!! I could eat those for every meal every day. Soooooo yummy 🙂 cant wait to try more flavors. And they kept me full for quite a while!! Aahhh last but not least, my Kiss gradation set. I love the idea of this but wasnt totally pleased. I have a review a few posts back including pictures. Each of the 3 polishes are great on their own. Gonna have to give this set another try. How did you enjoy your rose voxbox??

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