Liquid Sky Lacquer ~ TGIF

Hi ladies!! Today i have this amazing glitter bomb from Liquid Sky Lacquer. Its called TGIF. I actually did good research on this on and got the goods on whats in it 🙂 the glitter i mean!! Reafy for this? Its alot! A clear base with:
Blue micro flakies
Fine periwinkle hex
Fine white hex
Small grey hex
Medium lavender hex
Small purple squares
Large pink neon hex
Medium green neon hex
White medium hex & last but not least
White rectangles!!!
As much as it sounds its so not overdone and comes together quite nicely. I used two thin coats over china glaze spontaneous for my pictures. Such a nice compliment to the colors of the glitters imo 🙂 formula was nice but definitely had to go fishing and twirling for the larger glitters. But really, who doesnt. Glitter sinks. It happens and its not the end of the world!!! So with all that being said, go get some!! On to pics 😀 enjoy!!

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