Honey Bunny Lacquer ~ Love Song

My favorite of the 3 polishes i was sent to swatch for Deb. Owner of Honey Bunny Lacquer. This is Love Song. Another jam packed glitter bomb. This one is from Alice in Chains EP SAP. A hidden track actually 🙂 The polish has matte pink, orange, and off white squares and hexes. Matte pink hearts and the tiniest bar glitters ever!!! Deb called them slices and she is right. Its like slivers! I chose to put this over a darker polish so the light glitters popped. I used sinful colors truth or dare. I only put one medium coat of the glitter on. I didnt need to fish for glitter at all!! But i chose to place the hearts myself. I absolutely love this one!! Cannot wait for more!! Dont forget that these come out November 16th!! Follow @dmob74 (Deb) and @jstmynails (myself) for swatches and updates!! Enjoy 🙂

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