Honey Bunny Lacquer ~ Dirt

Hey ladies 🙂 Today i have some Honey Bunny Lacquers from Deb’s Alice in Chains collection!! This collection will be available on November 16th!! Be sure to check it out because from what i have it will be amazing!! She sent me a soft metallic (you’ll see what i mean) and two serious glitter bombs!! She must be my long lost twin cuz she always know exactly which ones to send me!!! So! Here we have Dirt 🙂 It comes frome the bands album Dirt. This is a shimmery brown that is just so sexy. Hard to say for a brown but Deb nailed this one. Its shimmer is goldish to pink. Even my husband loved it!! He did not however like my macro shot so i will be adding another soon!! This polish was solid with only 2 coats but im a little ocd and i always use 3 lol. Dries in a nice amount of time. Wait til you see the others!! Enjoy 🙂

Here is that macro i promised!! 🙂

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