Nicole by OPI ~ Challenge Red-y

Hey!!! Its been a while since i posted. I just moved and its taken a while to get settled. But i am back and have a gorgeous polish to show uou. This is challenge red-y from Nicole by OPI. In the store one day i saw a special k bars box that said collect codes for free polish. Naturally i grabbed 5 boxes. When i got home i checked the fine print and all i had to do was enter 8 codes online. Those 8 codes got me a three piece collection. A pink a blue and this red. (I will show u the pink and blue in the next few posts :)) you can get just one bottle. That will take 3 codes. Not sure if you chose the color though. Anyways, this is such a pretty red. It looked so blah and basic in the bottle but as i put the coats on it seemed to get deeper in color. The formula was nice. Did have a few bald spots after 3 coats but the forth coat fixed that right up. Although using four coats is a bit excessive. I believe this is supposed to be a creme polish but it seemed more like a crelly to me! I decided to add a glitter gradient to it with this awesome gold holo glitter topcoat from nina ultra pro. The name is just holographic topcoat lol. Hope hou all enjoy the pics šŸ™‚

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