Nail Sauce ~ Salted Caramel

Hi everyone. I finally have some time to post 🙂 just to catch you up my husband and i just moved on September 1st!! Which also happened to be my birthday!! So needless to say my bday wasnt exactly fun lol. Moving is hard work!! Tough on the hands. We still have some big things to move but as of now i jave yet to break a nail!! Yes i knocked on wood 🙂 anyways tonight i have polish from the first ever indie brand i knew about. Salted caramel from Naill Sauce! This polish is a beautiful caramel nude with gold hexes and white glitters. I had a hard time getting good pics of this one. The application was really smooth and it dried in good time. Over all its not for me. I love everything about this polish, but i dont like the color against my skin tone. Since this was gifted to me i am just paying it forward to a very special friend 🙂  enjoy these pics 🙂

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